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Things To Do

Vacation adventures can be arranged by our friendly staff.  Just visit the reception desk and you're on your way!

Water Adventures


How many places can you snorkel on St. Croix? Wherever you can dip your toes in the water! Not sure how to do it? Start in the beach side pool then venture out to the ocean. The water at Sand Castle is gentle and calm (most of the time!), and has a delightful variety of fish. But don’t stop there, take your snorkel gear with you to every beach on the island; we promise, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll be amazed by a different underwater view every place you go. Getting snorkel gear is easy: just stop by the Front Desk.

Turtle Watch

Scuba Diving

Sea life is abundant in the U.S. Virgin Islands. More than 500 species of fish, 40 types of coral and hundreds of invertebrates inhabit the water. Vibrant blue tang, silvery horse-eye jacks, queen triggerfish, spiny Caribbean lobster, spotted eagle rays, creole wrasses, and cleaner gobies are just a sampling of the marine life populating the underwater terrain. As sun sets, octopus, seahorses and moray eels make their appearance. Hawksbill, green, and leatherback turtles, call the USVI home and can be seen on many a dive. Lucky vacationers may even witness turtles hatching on one of the many turtle nesting grounds.

Deep Sea Fishing

The clear blue waters of the Virgin Islands are plentiful with fish in every shape and size, and St. Croix has many able and ready captains to take you out to sea to hook your very own fish: blue and white marlin, tuna, wahoo, snapper, grouper, and kingfish are abundant are your for the taking...just grab one of the brochures in your Welcome Wave or ask for assistance at the Front Desk.


The Virgin Islands is home to some of the world’s best sailing; steady trade winds at 10-15 mph come from the Northeast, and relatively calm seas. To reserve a charter or get more information, check out the brochures located in the lobby, or ask for assistance at the Front Desk.


Kayaks are are wonderful way to see St. Croix from different point of view. There are many kayak outfitters on the island: you can take a historical tour at Salt River, hit the Wall at Cane Bay, glide the west end coastline, or paddle along the east end beaches. Pick up some brochures in the lobby or stop at the Front Desk for more information. Or you can stay right at home and take out one of your own from Sand Castle on the Beach.

Jet Skis

If your need for speed is gettin’ to you, then jet skiing is the perfect antidote! Calm waters surrounding St. Croix make jet skiing an exciting past time; but please watch out for your fellow swimmers, snorkelers, and especially sea life. Brochures are located in the lobby.

Buck Island

Located 1 1/2 miles off the northeast coast of St. Croix, Buck Island has possibly the single most perfect beach in all of the Caribbean. Turtle Beach, on the west end of the island, has coral white, soft sands, and is a favorite for everyone. Locals gather every Saturday and Sunday like old family and friends; visitors venture out 7 days a week to experience its breathtaking underwater trails. It is the only natural underwater park in the United States, and is maintained by the National Park Service. Two thirds of the island is surrounded by an Elkhorn coral reef and gardens. You can snorkel, swim, barbecue, and relax! While on St. Croix, Buck Island is a place you should not miss!

Land Adventures


Designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr., a par-72 golf course, built by Laurence Rockefeller, is one of the best land adventures offered in the Caribbean.  Situated just outside a lush, tropical valley on the northwest side of the island, the club is truly one of the great treasures of American golf and the finest course in the Virgin Islands.  This challenging, spectacular course is a Caribbean gem and a "must play" for any true lover of the game of golf.


Visit the Tide Pools at Annaly Bay, the beaches and trails at Jack and Isaac Bays Preserves, or the luscious bubbling St. Croix’s springs. Check at the Front desk for tour information and directions.

Jeep Tours

See the island in the driver’s seat, or have a open jeep tour operator take you around. Either way, you won’t be disappointed by the island’s versatile beauty east to west.

Horseback Riding

If horsing around is your idea of having fun, check out the 2 horseback riding outfits. Into the ocean, through the Rainforest, or along the beach...take the ride that can only be experienced here on St. Croix!

Point Udall

Venture out to the other end of the island and take in a breathtaking view of the Easternmost point in the United States.

Very Long Baseline Array Telescope

St. Croix is home to this large, 82-foot dish antenna that records astronomical images; it is one of only 10 in the world. Get more more information about tour appointments at 340-773-4448.

Leatherback Turtle Watches

Sponsored by the S.E.A. at the Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge located just down the beach from us, Seasonal Leatherback Turtle watches, for both nesting and to watch the eggs hatch, for the price of an annual membership one can spend an evening on in the wildlife preserve to wait and watch the magic.  Nesting and hatching occurs in the Spring and Summer seasons.

Historical Adventures

Strand Street in Frederiksted

Strand Street in Frederiksted

Whim Plantation and Great House

This property boasts a beautifully restored Great House, a sugar mill and other plantation structures, as well as a Museum Store. Find out in detail how a sugar plantation operated years ago. Tours are available; just call 340-772-0598 for more information.

Cruzan Rum Distillery

Take a tour the 300-year-old distillery to learn how the famous Cruzan Rum is made. Complimentary rum tasting is included in your visit! Call 340-692-2280 for more information.

Christiansted National Historic Sites

There are four buildings visited in this tour which are a part of St. Croix's rich history. Take in the Visitor’s Center and tours are available. Call 340-773-1460 for more information.

Fort Christiansvaern

Fort Christiansvaern, located on the harbor in Christiansted, took form between 1738 and 1749 over the ruins of a French bastion. It is a four-point citadel and the best preserved of the five Danish forts in the West Indies. It was built of masonry and yellow Danish brick that came to the islands as ballast in sailing vessels.

Fort Frederik

This historic landmark is where the slaves were emancipated in 1848. It is located just north of Frederiksted on the water’s edge.

We LOVE St. Croix!

And we know you will too! Watch these wonderful videos capturin gthe essence of St. Croix and our surrounding US Virgin Islands. Come visit us!

Island Tips!

Just a little extra information to help make your stay on the island that much easier...

  • Fly to us on American Airlines/US Air, Jet Blue and our local puddle jumpers Seaborne and Sea Flight from San Juan, St. Thomas, Tortola and many other Caribbean islands. Best airfare deals are Mondays thru Wednesdays
  • Friendly! Everyone here on St. Croix is exceptionally nice and easy going - to keep the good vibes going around we greet EVERYONE with Good Morning, Good Afternoon or Good Night/Evening

  • Conserve Water!  St. Croix is always bright and sunny and that means it doesn't rain much. Our water is precious!

  • SHOP LOCAL! We are on an island where, if it doesn't grow here, it's shipped in…SHOP LOCAL for fresh fruits and vegetables as well as for your souvenirs. St. Croix has an amazing array of artisans and local farms who also sell handmade sauces and jams to take home with you. Want a fresh fruit snack to take hiking with you? We can provide you with local farm pickup locations.

  • Be true to you and your health. St. Croix has a bevy of sport and natural adventures. Please be true to you and your health and understand when an outdoor adventure might not be for you. For example, some hikes, whether with a guide or on your own, can be extremely rigorous. You can always ask at the front desk for advice.

  • The weather is gorgeous 95% of the time! Paradise! We're sure you've checked the weather reports for St. Croix several times as you consider your trip to visit us.  So you're familiar with the consistent mid-80s/partly cloudy skies report.  Please, please do not be discouraged by this weather report!  The partly cloudy usually means big, billowy, white clouds passing gently by in a perfect cerrulean blue sky.  See our note above about water conservation and it is a very real thing that it simply doesn't rain that often.  If a shower does come through it's short lived (a few minutes) and is usually refreshing!

  • Your cell phone...St. Croix is an AT&T island.  Please check with your provider as to additional roaming or international charges they may apply.  We know, we're the USA, but it is still useful to check with your provider.  For example, Verizon charges $1.99 per minute for calls made from St. Croix and depending on your plan, a charge for text messaging unless you call to inform them you are still actually in the US.

  • Getting Around. We strongly urge you to rent a vehicle if you plan on seeing any part of the island.  No pressure to go out and sight see, we completely understand the need to stay in and sit on the beach for 7 days straight! But, if you are here for even a little adventure we do recommend renting a car and our front desk can assist you with some local companies we like to support.

  • We drive on the left hand side of the road with US standard cars which have the steering wheel on the left. It's pretty easy to get used to but we find that the first couple of days require some extra concentration! That's it!  Within a day or so it'll be like riding a bike...on the left!