Find Your Happy...

Walk the beach. Reconnect with nature. Snorkel. Find beach treasures. Float in crystal clear water. Find a hammock. Kayak, read, sun bathe. Scuba dive.  REPEAT.  Day 2...

Feel your stress wash away with each dip into the Caribbean Sea!

Let the kid in you come out to play!

Savor the forgotten joy and happiness it brings to you!

Unwind and experience Sand Castle on the Beach!

The way the world could be, if we would just let it.

So sit back, relax, and peruse our website. And when you are ready to put yourself in a chair on the beach, doze in a hammock, snorkel and dive in the warm Caribbean waters, or take a dip in one of our two freshwater pools, just give us a call!

Our beachfront hotel is a special place, one like no other place on earth. We would be honored to have you spend your valuable vacation time with us. Our entire team is de­dicated to giving you an unforgettable, life-changing vacation in return. While you are here, we want you to feel like y­ou are at your personal place in paradise.

We Celebrate Inclusion and Diversity.

Visit Us!  Fly American, Delta or Jet Blue thru Miami or San Juan from anywhere mainland...It's So Easy!!